CALL TIMES are 15 minutes before dancers are needed on stage. (Please be on time!) Park on the east side of the Wyoming High School. Enter at the STAGE DOOR, which will be labeled with a Beyond the Barre sign. If your dancer is not there on time, we will be calling you!

Kate Bostick, the Backstage Coordinator, will be at the door to direct you to your child’s dressing room. A Backstage Volunteer will be there to check your child in. Please put her phone number in your phone in case you need to get ahold of me or her once we’re at the stage. Kate Bostick cell # (513) 238-7822 Ms. Dena’s cell # (513) 633-8542 (I will not be answering or checking my phone once rehearsals begin).

Each group has 1-3 parent volunteers. Please escort your child to the designated area and help him/her get ready (coat off, ballet shoes on, costume on, etc…), if needed.  FOR YOUNGER DANCERS-Before you leave, make sure your child has used the restroom! Then, have him/her sit down quietly and wait for her rehearsal time. *Each child should bring a quiet activity (books, coloring pages, crayons, etc…NO MARKERS) It has been brought to my attention, that some dancers are on iPads playing games that might not be approved by some parents.  Let’s leave the electronics at home and let our children interact!!  You may then leave and return at your dancer's dismissal time. (Only parent volunteers are permitted to stay.)

SNACKS/DRINKS- For dancers that will be at the stage for over 2 hours, pack a NUT-FREE snack and labeled water bottle.

-Sat, April 14, 2018 Mandatory Staging Rehearsal- Dancers wear their normal ballet class attire. We will be in the auditorium for this rehearsal. Dancers can put their dance bags in front of the stage. There will be designated areas for the younger dancers on blankets in front of the stage.  Dancers in Ballet IV, V & VI can put their dance bags in the seats of the auditorium.  

PHOTOS-If your child is having photos taken, Amanda will be set up in the lobby. You can enter through the mirrored hallway doors or the main lobby doors for photos 5 minutes before your child’s scheduled photo time.

-Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Mandatory Technical Rehearsal- dancers wear their normal ballet class attire. We will be using the backstage dressing rooms for this rehearsal.
-Friday, April 20, 2018 Mandatory Dress Rehearsal-Dancers arrive ‘Stage Ready’ with hair ready, light stage makeup applied, in tights & younger dancers in costume.  Dancers are welcome to leave their costumes at the stage or wear them home.  If your child will leave costumes at the stage, bring your labeled child’s hanger and garment bag if there is one.  

DISMISSAL FROM REHEARSALS AT THE STAGE- Please note your child's pick up times on the rehearsal schedule below. The Parent Volunteers will bring the dancers to you at the designated area in the lobby.  

ALL DANCERS will be picked up in the rear of the WHS Pendery Theater Lobby. WAIT IN THE LOBBY FOR YOUR CHILD.  Only Parent volunteers are permitted in the mirrored hallway at this time.  There are simply too many dancers involved to have additional bodies in the hallway when we’re getting ready to dismiss dancers.  Make sure you give your child’s name to the parent volunteer with the clipboard and she will check your child out.


- Dancers arrive ‘Stage Ready’ with hair ready, light stage makeup applied, in tights & younger dancers costume. (Ballet IV, V, & VI dancers wear warmups for class in front of the stage)

DISMISSAL FROM PERFORMANCES- After the performance, each group will be lead back to the dressing area to gather their things and then dismissed as a group.  The Parent Volunteers will take each group to a designated meeting place to meet their families. Please note the location and wait there for your child.


Ballet II, III, IV, IV & VI dancers will be dismissed at the rear of the lobby by groups (just like rehearsals). Send one parent up to get each dancer and make sure the volunteer checks your child’s name off the clipboard.

*The youngest dancers (Bear Cubs, Bumblebees, Cheetahs, & Peacocks) will be dismiss
ed INSIDE THE AUDITORIUM. So hang tight inside the auditorium for 10 minutes and I will dismiss each group individually on the stage. Once your child’s role is called, please come up to the stage and check in with the Parent Volunteers to check off your child on the clipboard.

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